Youthful Image Liquid Face Lift


A special formula designed to tighten and tone the facial muscles and skin.

Why: Use to exercise the facial and neck muscles to firm, tighten and tone.

When: Use the liquid facial lift three times a week (every other day) for 30 days and use once a week to maintain the firmness you have attained.

How: Apply with wet lift brush in an upward motion following the facial muscles. Allow to dry 20 to 30 minutes. When face feels warm to back of hand, apply the cleanser for your skin type to soften lift. Take a warm, damp cloth and apply over face, next come down the face and remove the lift. Apply cleanser a second time to remove residue. APPLY OXIDIZING THERAPY to reduce oxidation. Cumulative results.

CLICK HERE for Botanical Lifts “Facts Sheet”

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