I was so blessed to have Skin Care by Dusty come into my life.  I would not trust my skin to anyone else! As a woman who never worried about my skin in my younger years and the damaging effects of tanning, stress, poor diet, etc, exiting my twenties was very scary time for me.  Every time I looked in the mirror, years of poor decisions regarding my skin care were starting to stare back at me.  Thanks to Dusty's TLC and elite line of products, aging is no longer a battle I fear.  Her extensive knowledge and genuine care for her clients puts her in a league of her own.  The beauty of her own skin is a true testament to what she can do for others.  If you want personalized skin care from someone who really takes the time and interest to make sure your experience is of the highest quality, I would recommend Dusty every time!
Lauren Lewis
I started having breakouts at an early age and battled extremely oily skin, everything I found only lasted about a month, made it worse,or didn't work at all. I was extremely self conscious about my face until I found Cosmeceuticals, I have been using it for 3 yrs now and could not be happier with my skin! I honestly can't believe it's MY skin! People ask me all the time what I'm doing different! I also use the Firm-A-Gan to fight wrinkles ( I am afraid of needles so Botox is not an option for me). This works so well, my husband got a hold of it and began using it too! Now I have to make sure he has his own bottle! Thank you so much Dusty for introducing me to these awesome products, they have changed the way I look AND feel about myself!!
Heather Thibodeaux
Started this day with a horrific migraine, went and spent 90 mins with Dusty Brammer at Skin Care by Dusty and IT IS GONE. Plus my skin feels awesome. Thank you Big D for SAVING MY DAY!
Jamie Chizer
Hello, wanted to stop by and tell ya How I so love the product. I haven't really broke out but I can see a difference already. Alot of the black heads are going away and looks more healthy. I use it everyday so far. Thank you.
Heather Miller
I really enjoyed my facial and my skin feels amazing! I can't wait to try my new products!
Sondra Hendon
Thank you for a wonderful micro/facial! My skin looks and feels great! Can't wait to start using my new products, I can totally see the difference in before and after! You are wonderful and I will be back and also refer all my friends!
Kathryn Oliva
Thank you so much Dusty Brammer. I was not sure what to expect from my first appointment but you made me feel right at home. I loved all the little details you used to make me extra comfortable. The whole experience was so personal and down to Earth. Thank You!
Betty Smith
"★★★★★" Amazing!! I cannot live without Cosmeceuticals or Dusty! My skin is glowing. It's hard to believe that's my skin I'm seeing in the mirror. Thanks so much Dusty! I love the new office!!
Stacy Eberhardt
O...M...G!!!!! My skin has never looked more beautiful in my entire life!!! Thank u so much Dusty! I'm now ready for my wedding!!!
Mallory Prince
I have been telling a lot of people about the microderm and now the skin care products. I can't believe how much of a difference it has made. I have used Clinique and Lancome, etc. This is way better, customized to my skin type and needs and is the same price (maybe less?). Just go see Dusty. It's worth it. Really.
Jennifer Bergen-Henegouwen
"★★★★★" Dusty knows skin! My microderm and skin care products are great! Can't wait for my next appointment!
Kelli Benoit
"★★★★★" The best facial every! You are amazing...So thankful, my skin has never looked better. Feels incredible.
Shann Traylor
"★★★★★" You are GREAT! I loved my treatment and I was nervous and you made it so comfortable. If anyone has any reserves about doing something like this DONT... She is awesome and I cannot wait until next week for my treatment!
Kristyn Porter
Thanks for making me feel beautiful Dusty Brammer at Skin Care by Dusty and getting me ready for my BIG day!!! I was sooo relaxed! 🙂
Mallory Prince
Girls and Guys ... I had the most amazing facial on Saturday with Dusty Brammer. My face is glowing; it feels refreshed and new! Dusty is very professional and the experience is so relaxing! I highly recommend you give her a call!
Debbie Bridgeman